Thursday, August 28, 2008

clear stamp storage

ok i dont have any as you go pics for this one but it really is very straight forward i got inspired by inque botiques new products

you will need

  • 8x8 kaiser album

  • rings

  • ribbon

  • paint

  • 2 matching pattern paper

  • modge podge

  • acete pages

  • embelishments

  • cardstock

step 1. paint the album and leave to dry this is just so the edges will be covered . you can ink them as well

step 2. cut the matching paper to cover the album and adhere with the modge podge also measure the acete to size and cut. start to punch the holes where the rings will go

step 3 cut the cardstock to size and use a circle diecut to make your tabs out of the scraps

step 4 asemble and decorate it will look like this

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Comming Soon, Clear Stamp Storage

Comming soon is a tutorial on some clear stamp storage ! are you excited i am!