Monday, July 28, 2008

Glitter Inchies

I made these for an inchies swap and i love them there great and funky and you can use them on cards and allsorts of things and there so simple , i did have as you go pics but my memory card just packed it in so i have lost all my pics on there :(

You will need

  • Cardstock or boxboard ( i used a cut up ceral box)

  • craft knife or sissors

  • ruler

  • ink pads

  • dimensional magic

  • glitter in cordinating colours to your ink pads

Step one.

Measure out your inch x inch squares and cut them however many you want

Step two.

ink your squares , you may have to do a few coats depending on the shade that you would like

Step Three

Put a coat of dimensonal magic on top of them and sprinkle the glitter on them then they are ready to dry * please not put them on a flat surface to dry , dont use to much dm as it will seep over the edges and you will find it very difficult to lift them off the surface without damaging them.

now there are so many uses for inches and if you would like some inspiration for doing some more here are a few diffrent sites ive only put up a few but if you google inchies there are hundreds of places for inspiration

this is a video from hero arts i want this stamp this card is fantastic


Renee said...

I have never tried to make inchies. But these are so cute and simple that I might just have to try making some. Thanks heaps.